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Potable (adjective)

Meaning: safe to drink; drinkable.

Synonym: drinkable

Antonym: contaminated, dirty, polluted

Usage: 1) There is no proper supply of potable water in villages.

2) Do not add any chemicals to the water pipeline as it will contaminate the potable water supply.

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7000 /-

Validity– 6 Months
Content– Recorded Videos Lectures + Live Webinars(2 Days in a month) + Faculty Support
Covers– Maths, English, Reasoning & GA.
Books – 12
Online Tests – 180+



Validity – 12 Months
Content– Recorded Videos Lectures + Live Webinars(2 Days in a month) + Faculty Support
Covers– Maths, English, Reasoning & GA.
Books – 12
Online Tests – 180+

Why Takshila For Banking Exams Preparation?

Why Takshila For Banking Exams Preparation?

  1. Recorded + Animated HD Videos.
  2. Different & conceptual Courses at best price
  3.  2700+ Videos + Practice manual + Notes on all topics.
  4. Monthly Webinars for students.
  5. Updation of course on monthly basis.
  6. Video lectures on doubt & Faculties to interact with students.
  7. Course is designed by experts like Mr. M.Tyra.
  8. 200+ Practice manual with similar interface of IBPS and SBI (Real Exam Interface).
  9. Daily & Monthly current affairs updates.
  10. Sufficient for other exams like RRB,SEBI,NABARD,CBI and others.
  11. E-books & printed study material available for all topics.
  12. 360 Degree coverage of the Banking syllabus.
  13. 24*7  Support Service available.

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About Takshila Learning

Takshila Learning is the leading organization in the online education, which is focused on providing quality education to the students anywhere, anytime and on any device. We are making the best faculties available to students where ever they are.  Our offerings start from Schools education (K 12), Professional Education like CA, CS, CMA, and competitive exams like Banking, PO and SSC. To nurture our students we are providing them the opportunity to get groomed into smart and skilled individuals through hard job oriented skills (in various streams like computers, Digital Marketing, Microsoft offerings) and Life style skills (Personality Development, Language capabilities – English, interpersonal skills,  etc).

Takshila Learning has also partnered with “Skill India” to provide the best of the courses to our students. This will give our students an opportunity to get the most suited jobs or to become entrepreneurs. Our course on Entrepreneurship guides students to set up their own ventures after acquiring knowledge.

Though our courses are available online but in order to maximize our reach even where internet is not present, we offer our classes through secured Pen drive, CD, DVD, Tablet and Smartphones (live or through memory cards). The intent is to reach and enable our learning content to everyone, wherever he is and on whatever device.

As Takshila is becoming a sort after meeting place for teachers and students, for teachers the opportunity is to become globally recognized and teach students worldwide. Additionally this one time effort of recording their course with us, create a regular income for them though this mode of teaching for many years to come. All we need from teachers is to be there to resolve student’s doubts as and when they need us.

An ideal combination of experience and youth energy is the uniqueness of Takshila. It’s backed by a team of individuals who have years of experience in building large businesses and young energetic go getters to ensure that we become the fastest growing education company worldwide soon.

Vision Statement

To be the largest digital educator on the planet, helping students and educators realise their full potential.

Mission Statement

Takshila’s mission is to achieve excellence in becoming the “sort after Digital trainer” for students in the subject they want to learn. We are “the destination” for passionate teachers who want to share their knowledge with the students worldwide in the field of academics, skills and lifestyle. Achieving new standards in Quality of education, satisfaction and services for students and teachers is the cause of our existence.

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